Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Favorite Olympic Moments: Week 2

The Olympics have been over for two days now, and most of you have probably moved on, either back to baseball, forward to football or over to the US Open. I'm knee-deep in tennis right now, but I did promise to write about my favorite moments from the 2nd week of the Beijing games, so without further ado:

Usain Bolt The Jamaican sprinter is absolutely the fastest human alive now that he has broken the 100m and 200m World Records. He broke them both easily. He's also kinda flashy, which I think you are entitled to if you run that damn fast.

Beach Volleyball Golds True, I did mention how sick I was of seeing early rounds of beach volleyballers Misty May-Treanor & Kerry Walsh and Phil Dalhausser & Todd Rogers. However, when it came to the Gold Medal matches, I was admittedly really into them. Both matches were pretty close in the beginning and then the Americans pulled away in the end.

Matthew Mitcham Watching this cute Aussie prevent a sweep by China in the Diving competition was really exciting. It looked as though the Zhou Luxin of China had it in the bag until he messed up in his last dive- he was in leading Mitcham by 30 points! Mitcham took advantage of a poor final round by scoring a 112.10 to win the competition by 5.8 points. It was wonderful to watch is reaction to his stunning upset.

The Redeemers Though I didn't get to see the Gold Medal game between Spain and the US, I was happy that LeBron, Carmelo and I suppose Jason Kidd and Kobe were able to take back the Gold glory for our country.

Men's Volleyball Gold In the team Volleyball competition, it was special to see the men's team win Gold for their coach, who's father-in-law was killed and mother-in-law severely injured by a crazy man while they were touring Beijing. The win was clearly quite emotional for him, as he must have run through the whole gamut of emotions during his time in China.

Cris Collinsworth I had never really seen much of Collinsworth, since he mostly does football and I don't watch much of that sport. I really enjoyed his stories each night, not only because they were heartwarming, but because you could tell that he was genuinely having a great time doing his job in Beijing.

Honorable Mention
Shawn Johnson finally wins her Gold Medal
American men and women both get Gold in the 4x400m relay
Dara Torres earns 2 Silvers at 40
Michael Phelps wins his 8th Gold
The Closing Ceremony (Setting up for London 2012)

Now we won't really think about the Olympics until 2010, when the Winter Games take place in Vancouver...

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