Monday, August 25, 2008

Some Thoughts About Osi's Injury (Part 1: The Strahan Solution)

Will Strahan come back? Probably not. But let's discuss an issue that may or may not be sexier than the above photo.

Best Case Strahan Scenario:
Strahan agrees to come back as early as today or tomorrow for a 1 yr/$8 mil deal. (Sidenote: Do the Giants have the cap space for this? Does SUS now need our very own capologist?) Strahan has been keeping himself in good game shape and will (hopefully) only need 4-6 weeks to play himself into a force on the D-Line and should be in midseason form by Week 5 after the first bye week.

Most Likely Scenario:
Um, remember when he retired? He seemed pretty happy, still does. The man has his Super Bowl ring, the Giants sack record, the NFL single-season sack record, and $2 million/yr for sitting beside Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson's egos in the Fox pre-game studios.

And more importantly, he doesn't have an "undying passion for football, and blah blah blah," of a certain Mrs. John Madden who does not "throw" the football as much as he "gunslings" it into Corey Webster's waiting arms. Strahan will stay retired is the main bulletpoint here.

What I hope happens:

One of two things:

1. Strahan comes back, leads the team to back-to-back Super Bowls. This scenario makes him a larger-than-life hero as big as Mark Messier, Willis Reed, and Joe Willie Namath combined.
It's also very unlikely to happen. Instead I'm rooting for this...

2. Strahan stays retired. Look, I've already written about how this Super Bowl completely rewrote Strahan's legacy in New York. He goes out a winner- something that very few in the NYC area have done. (The only one who comes to mind is Ken Daneyko, 2003 Devils.) So as much as the Giants and their fanbase would love to have Strahan for one year, he has earned the right to stay retired, preserve his legacy, and talk about Howie Long getting robbed of an Oscar for his role in Broken Arrow. So Strahan, stay retired. Because let's face it, option #1 aint happening.

Likelihood of a Strahan return:


White Boy South Bronx said...

Your assertion that the Devils are a team that anyone in the New York area cares about has provided me comic relief in this otherwise dreary day after Osi. Though to be fair local sports talk radio has done more talk about the Mets bullpen than the Osi injury since Saturday so maybe nobody outside of you and I are care about the Giants?

devo said...

I never asserted that the Devils are a team that anyone in the New York area cares about. But hey, it's not your job to proofread or anything.