Monday, August 25, 2008

Some Thoughts About Osi's Injury (Part 2: The Other Solutions)

The Two Non-Strahan Options

1. Move Kiwanuka back to defensive end.

Positives: This is the smart move. Kiwanuka was on his way to being one of the top DE's in the league and probably could be as good as unofficial-SB XLII MVP, Justin Tuck rushing the QB. The Giants proved that a great pass rush can more than compensate for a decent secondary and linebacking corps.


-Kiwi's move makes the Giants weak at the outside linebacker slots. With Kiwi, the Giants were still left with Gerris "Who?" Wilkinson as one of the OLB's. Now, without Kiwi, the OLB slots will go to two of the following: Wilkinson, 4th round pick Bryan Kehl, Zak "Who's your Daddy?" DeOssie, or Danny "Who: The Sequel" Clark.

-However, as Mahatma would point out, Mitchell and Torbor were arguably products of Spagnulo's system, and any of these options could end up being just as effective.

Kiwanuka is apparently just starting to fit into his OLB role. Asking him to move back to DE could mess with Kiwi's ego, especially when he'll probably be asked to move to OLB again next season. Then again, given that the Kiwanuka family name has had to endure a bloody coup; I'm sure he can deal with switching positions.

Likelihood of this option:

2. Go into the season with the DE's we have.


-The Giants maintain their depth at linebacker.

-Um, have I mentioned linebacker depth? Really, I have? Well then, I got nothing.


-Unless you have faith in Renaldo Wynn or Dave Tollefson starting 16 games, this is a bad idea. There's always a chance that a good veteran is cut, or that Simeon Rice becomes a) good again and b)not a douche, but that's not likely.

-Really? You need more? Renaldo Wynn or Dave Tollfeson starting wasn't good enough for you?

Likelihood of this option:


Mahatma said...

I can only think of one thing in all this:

There must be some kind of party over at Winston Justice's place...

MissMet said...

Really? Bare asses? That's necessary?