Monday, October 13, 2008

The Giants need Tony Gonzalez

Ok, that's not entirely true. But it would be an example of a classic Pioli/Belichek (Piolichek?) move to bring him in. And no, not a cheating/dickish/cheat-on-your-wife-with-a-blonde-bimbo Piolichek move, but simply a great ploy to bring in newly motivated stars to push a winning franchise over the top.

What's one of the biggest reasons why teams have trouble winning back-to-back Super Bowls? To be sure, there's plenty of good reasons, but I'd assert the following: most teams lack the killer instinct to do the little things necessary to win the Super Bowl again. Sure, they'll be competitive, making and possibly advancing into the playoffs; but because football is such a game of inches, (cliche alert!) the willingness to sacrifice your body even a little more than the other team could be the difference between victory and defeat. The Pats front office acknowledged this in '03 and '04 when they brought in Rodney Harrison and Corey Dillon.

What could Harrison and Dillon have in common? Both of them were veterans heading towards the downside of their careers stuck in losing situations. (Whale's Vagina, Cincinnati) Both of these guys were fairly unhappy with their franchises and were looking for a new start, especially Dillon. And once they got to the Patriots, they saw a team that was creating a culture of winning, easily contagious to newly signed free agents. And there was a trade off between the team leaders and the free agents: while the Patriots' culture of winning rubbed off onto Harrison and Dillon, Harrison and Dillon's desperation to win a Super Bowl rubbed off on the guys who already won a Super Bowl.

And that brings us to (as White Boy's voicemail so proudly proclaims) your Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. With the somewhat underlooked (0 Pro Bowls) Antonio Pierce leading the way, the Giants have created a culture of winning, along with a "No Respect" attitude that was a surprisingly legitimate gripe until a week or two ago. Now, they need an established veteran from a losing team who wants to win himself a Super Bowl, a la Harrison and Dillon...Hellooooo Tony Gonzalez, aka the most prolific receiving tight end in NFL history, and also a career KC Chief. Not exactly a winning resume for a guy who has proven himself to be one of the classier people in the NFL. There's no reason to think that Gonzalez' need to win a Super Bowl won't rub off on the Giants, just like there's no reason to think that the Pierce-led culture of winning won't rub off on Gonzo.

I started this season with the motto: The 2008 Giants: Because Kenny Phillips needs a ring. I'm perfectly willing to change the slogan so that the most prolific receiving tight end in NFL history can become a champion.


White Boy South Bronx said...

yea good call on adding a new slogan to our quest to repeat.

White Boy South Bronx said...

Oh yea and adding a future Hall of fame tight end might makes us better too.