Friday, October 17, 2008

White Boy's week 7 picks (8-4) - I'm gunning for ya Mahatma and Sarah Palin is lending me her M-16!

Dallas (4-2) (-7) at St. Louis (1-4)- What a wild week for the Jerry Jones Experience (let's be honest, if The Cowboys was a band, that's what it would be called). (1) Pacman proves yet again that he is the lowest of lifeforms, (2) it added another overrated player named Roy Williams doubling its previous total of 1, (3) and it found out that Romo is going to be more like Brett the Jet and less like Carson by playing through pain this Sunday. All of this franchise instability still won't hurt its chances of defeating the hapless although no longer win-less Rams. Dallas's duo of receiving threats will obliterate the Ram's shaky d to the tune of a blowout win. THE PICK: DALLAS (31-14)

2) Adrian Peterson's (3-3) at Devin Hesters (-3) (3-3)- Firstly, are there two NFL teams more defined by their only great players than the Vikings and Bears (Urlacher is good but his defenses always choke leads away late in games)? Secondly, I will never feel too bad for Chicago sports fans. The photo above was the only great moment I ever experienced as a young child rooting against the juggernaut Jordan Bulls. The Chicago fans were spoiled by rooting for the greatest team and greatest athlete in the history of American team sports as this group won 6 titles in 8 seasons. While the Jordan Bulls accomplished this, my beloved Knicks, or "Pants" as Mahatma calls them, routinely got ousted by those Jordan Bulls late in the playoffs. That being said, wow have Chicago natives been pissed on this October. Not only have both baseball fanbases seen dreams of titles end as quickly as John Mccain's attempt to win Wisconsin and Michigan, its beloved Bears became only the third team in NFL history to lose a game in which it lead with under 15 seconds to go. Ouch! Still ,it is home against an underachieving Vikings team. As long as Chicago puts 8 in the box and makes the immortal Gus "ooops I intentionally slammed my head against the wall in anger" Ferotte beat then, it should win this one without too much trouble. THE PICK: BEARS (21-12)

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Good prediction with the Cowboys.