Monday, October 13, 2008

A Sadder Post than Intended

So I had a different hockey post intended for today, but events in New York sports have conspired to have it replaced, and sadly not for the better.
For those that dont check the hockey sites every ten minutes, Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov, drafted 17th overall in 2007, died of a heart attack while playing a game in the Russian KHL league. He was 19.

It's always sad to hear something like this, especially when someone so young. Hate to say it, but he was still pretty much a kid. Worse is that some news is leaking out the team didnt have any medical facilities or equipment at the arena in case of an emergency such as this. If you'll recall about three years ago in the NHL, Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jiri Fischer went into cardiac arrest during a game, but with the equipment on hand they were able to save him. Though his career ended, he is still alive.

So you have to wonder, if the Russian league had something as simple as a defibrillator, would a 19 year old still be alive? I'm not going into a rant about how this can affect players signing or staying in the Russian league, but you have to wonder how much of a priority safety is to them.

Always upsetting to see someone with such a bright future go so early.


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