Monday, January 19, 2009

The AFC Championship: A Pictorial Journey

And so it was that the Steelers thrice defeated their hated rivals the Baltimore Ratbirds in a single season to move on to try and obtain the holy grail of football: the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Despite the vitriol, hate-hate relationship between these teams, there is a mutual respect for each other because both know the other is undeniably good. And so I too will show my respect by showing a pictorial journey of the Steelers and Ravens during their final game of the season against the Steelers.

And if you know me by now, by “showing respect” I mean “shitting all over the douchebags” and by “pictorial journey” I mean “using photos to make fun of them.” So in the words of Mahatma’s hero the immortal Bill Cowher: Let’s go!

Even the Airforce hates the Ratbirds

Get used to this position, cause we’re gonna shit all over you

"You shall not pass!"

Flacco about to lose his anal virginity

Don’t do it Ben! He’s got a knife and two people to blame it on!

At least the Ravens don't have to deal with this tool

Oh no! My Unibrow powers have failed me!

Ray “The Shanker” Lewis

Ryan Clark’s hit on Willis McGahee

And because it’s still great

And to sum up the game:

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