Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things that Really Grind my Gears

1) I am not saying Larry Fitzgerald is not the best receiver in the game. Clearly he has played like he is the best pass catcher in the league during the playoffs. But its just a little irritating to be told someone is the best receiver in the game when not one writer or expert said this 3 weeks ago. Eli was a great QB after 4 straight playoff wins including a Super Bowl tile right?, is he now??!

2) The NBA regular season games are just tough to get into. I was all hot and bothered for a Lakers Cavs showdown Monday night. However, I found myself watching Family Guy and Rachel Maddow instead. I realize that unless I have a stake in the outcome, have that read a Knicks game, I just can't care. I enjoy watching the greatness of Kobe and Lebron but I guess I can only stand to do so on sportscenter and during the playoffs.

3) Well I guess The Giants will have to do without the great Spags next year. I think that Spags made a big mistake honestly. The Rams is an organization in complete and utter disaray. If he thinks he can turn the Rams defense into the 07 Giants defense, he's about 3 star Defensive Ends and a field general linebacker short. I truly do wish him luck but I think he would have been better served staying here and riding out the return of Osi for a year than going to the moribund Rams.

4) I also guess that now the media will stop interviewing run of the mill politicians that happen to be black purely because of his/her race. G-d knows I love Barack but I have grown tired of the affirmative action TV interviewing policy over the last week or so. There are some truly great Black individuals in this country such as Oprah, Barck, and Clarence Thomas (yea right) but I don't care what some random black politician thinks about Obama being elected any more than I do joe black guy. Just saying.

5) Finally The Knicks. How do you beat the Celtics and Hornets but lose to the Thunder and Wizards. This team is actually more irritating than any of the post Ewing era. Its players only seem to get up for big teams and or big games. Earth to the Knicks... YOU AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH TO BEAT ANYBODY JUST BY STEPPING ON THE COURT! YOU AREN'T THE CELTICS, LAKERS OR CAVS! ugh. Yankees season can't get here fast enough.

Alright more ranting next week. I do plan on making this a regular spot again folks.

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