Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Superbowl Bullshitting with Mahatma

Alas with the Steelers in the superbowl, atleast 3 members of SUS are happy and enjoying themselves for now.

Here are some topline issues going into the game for now. Obviously, more to come because really what the hell else is there to talk about? Hockey? NBA?

The Line:

Seven is too high for my blood but the Steelers should be favored.

The tickets:

Too expensive for the lunch pail guys like myself. Bucket list goal #458974984 still unattained.


The Cards might be without two solid contributors along their defensive line in Travis Laboy and Antonio Smith. Of the two, Smith is most notable as he has teamed with Darnell Docket and been tremendous as a defensive end/defensive tackle in both the 3/4 and 4/3 alignments the Cards use. Smith has been a beast stuffing the run in the playoffs and added sacks. Laboy is an average player but in a rotation has proved deadly and has taken turns at both DE and LOLB. Both are questionable and both would be big time losses.

The big injury for the steelers is HINES WARD. He'll probably play but how effective will he be? Ward isn't as fast as he used to be but he still gets open and can still attack a team's short to intermediate zones. Ward didn't play in the last game against Arizona either. The Steelers need to be able to prepare for getting into a shootout should the game dictate as such. Regardless, they will need to put up points

The Media:

is already showing their lack of knowledge on either team. ESPN in general is worthless and probably will be until about a week from now. This is all just terrible generalizations flying around where fans that have seen more than 3 games of either team seem to know more.
Why does everyone insist on looking at the last game we played and thin
king that's a good benchmark for how we come out in the next game? Arizona is not Baltimore nor is Pittsburgh Philadelphia think our media geniuses would know that? Oh right, because in most cases, it's the first time they've seen either team.

Most important matchup:

Steelers offense vs. Arizona defense. Both were considered to be weaknesses before the playoffs and both have done just enough for their teams to squeek by. I'm not saying this matchup of high octane offense vs. elite defense favors the defense always but usually these two strengths of a team cancel out the other and we are left watching the matchup on the other side of the ball to dictate a victor.


Look Fitzgerald will get his 100 yards that's a given. In fact even in 4 of Arizona's losses this season he has broke the 100 yard barrier. It's going to be someone else and I'll mention who I think that will be some point next week.


A lot has been made of the Cardinals coaching advantage and this is true. Whiz does not the players and what we like to run but wouldn't the Steelers know the same. Didn't the Cheezenhunt also practiced against Dick Lebeau for 3 seasons? Wouldn't he kindof know what a guy like Cheezenhunt likes to run also and in certain situations? Just saying.

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My key matchup...

James Harrison vs the referees