Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who Knew?

That a game featuring the ARIZONA CARDINALS was the highest watched superbowl of all time!

Nielsen said 98.7 million people, on average, were watching Pittsburgh’s exciting 27-23 victory Sunday night. That beats the 97.5 million who watched the 2008 game, which held the record for most popular Super Bowl.

On Monday, Nielsen had reported that this year’s game had 95.4 million viewers—impressive, but not a record-setter.

Granted this was an epic game compared to many of the 42 other blowouts the superbowl has seen. It's still interesting to see all those people who said last year's game was a better story (and it was) with better teams (probably also true) but still lost the ratings battle. For the record, it is strange to me. The storylines for this one weren't as good as last year nor were the teams. So why did more people tune in? Maybe it was for the commercials or the wonderful insights of John Madden, or maybe it was a damn good game. Maybe it was less people going to the bar or maybe some people didn't have concerts to attend. Whatever the reason may be, the unwashed masses turned out to see it. This totally gives CBS, next year, the option to charge 4 million dollars per ad spot and shove Jim Nantz down our throats. Can't wait!

Still though, isn't it weird to know that a superbowl featuring a unsexy Steeler team and a Cardinal team that didn't look like they belong is now the most watched Superbowl of all time?

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