Sunday, March 29, 2009

MissMet @ CitiField...

...a preview of what will happen when two nouns with two-worded names that don't have spaces in them meet. Ok, fine. I just looked it up and the real name is Citi Field, but it just looks strange to me that way, probably because city is spelled wrong, so yeah, CitiField it is.
There was an actual baseball game at Citi today when the Georgetown Hoyas took on the St. John's Red Storm in college baseball. It was a bleak day here in the Tri-State area, but from the pictures, reviews and video I've seen of our new ballpark, it was pretty sunny at Citi. The picture to the left is of fans entering through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.
Next Saturday, I will be heading into Queens to see the Mets take on the Red Sox in the second of two exhibition games to (for the 3rd time in a week) unofficially open the new Mets Mecca. Here are some things that I just cannot wait for:
  • Along with a bunch of my friends, I'll be sitting in the outfield watching the Mets. That's the legitimate outfield- not foul territory- because yes, this stadium has seats all around. This also means that I'll be able to walk around the whole stadium in its wide concourses that will allow me to view the game from all angles.
  • The food options including bbq, the Shake Shack, normal baseball fare and many others that make Shea look, well like Shea...
  • The old Home Run Apple, on display behind center field and the new Home Run Apple, which I haven't seen yet. Will it also be covered in red tape and come out of a big top hat?? One can only dream.
  • The city skyline that used to be above the scoreboard, which is now over one of the concession stands.
  • The Jackie Robinson Rotunda, which will be a nicer entrance to a ballpark than just ramps.
  • Sitting in an intimate stadium that has each seat angled towards the field.
  • Waiting in line for the bathroom and being able to watch the game on the tv above the door.
  • I'll be able to look down into the bullpens and say what I want to the pitchers as they warm up. ("Don't screw this up JJ." "You're old, Mariano.")
  • Did I mention the fact that I'm going to be watching live baseball???

While I do know that it is going to be an awesome experience, what I don't know is how many regulars are going to be playing next Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes in my write-up following the game. I might just have to save my Big Game excitement for when I see the Mets-Phillies (!) game with my mom in May.


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Zooomabooma said...

(Glad they saved it but...) I think it's sad they chose to hide the scoreboard skyline thingy from everyone sitting in the seats, especially with the WTC towers on it. What a shame.

And if you're going to honor the asininely stoopid corporate/tax payer name by actually typing it, you might as well just type it properly -- Citi Field.