Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jay Cutler: Another Football Soap Opera No Fan Wants

What the hell is with the NFL needing to have everything be a soap opera anymore? It's seriously turning into daytime tv now with shitty acting, bad production value and even worse writing. We had to deal with Brett Favre not knowing if he was retired or not, and now with that gone we have to deal with the Jay Cutler saga to replace it.

The Bronco's said Cutler wanted traded, then Cutler says he doesn't. He said this, she said that. (I'm assuming Cutler to be the "she" in this he said she said drama as he is the one being emotional and crying). It's been this back and forth crap for a month now, and it hasn't gone anywhere.

They're both wrong in this though. The Bronco's screwed up on the way they handled this thing. After the information got leaked they had a chance to repair it if they said the right things. Unfortunately they had their heads up their asses and said the wrong things. Though you cant totally blame Cutler for being a bit pissed they were willing to let him go for the second coming of Scott Mitchell in Matt Cassell. Hell, any legitimate NFL starter has a right to be pissed about that. When given a chance to repair the damage, the Bronco's didn't really make the effort.

Cutler on the other hand has handled it even worse. Apparently convinced of his own awsomeness due a single Pro Bowl appearance made possible by the majority of the AFC QB's having crappy seasons, Cutler feels he is completely wronged in the matter. Listen Jay, hate to be the one to break it to you, but you haven't really accomplished anything yet that puts you into that "too valuable to trade" category. Few players ever really get put there, and you're sure as hell not one of them. Worst of all he has whined and cried like a baby during the whole thing saying how mean the new big bad Bronco's brass is at every step. It's not often a small, nonathletic guy like myself can say this to a pro athlete, but be a man and suck it up Jay. Christ, go buy yourself some no more tears shampoo or something.

I'm choosing the side every other fan is on this: for the god damned thing to end already. No one wants to hear the about the shitty break up story this has become like a crappy teen drama on the WB (or whatever the hell it is now). But if I had to choose one of the two, I'd have to side with the Bronco's. At least they're not acting like a whiny bitch during the whole process.


Drew said...

The real question becomes, now that KO is on the Broncos, is he a keeper!?

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