Friday, April 3, 2009

Mahatma's Post Combine Player Rankings: DTs

Like DEs, the DT group is comprised of a bunch of guys that can participate in a variety of roles for defenses. A lot of 3-4 end prospects can serve in the lighter under tackle role here and have the frames and measurables to be successful. As stated below, there is a ton of value in the 3rd and 4th rounds of the draft but this might cause a lot of teams to start reaching within round 2 for some of these players. With the versatility that a lot of these guys show, many teams have these players on their draft boards.

4-3 DTs

1) B.J Raji / Boston College / Top 10
2) Peria Jerry / Ole Miss / 1st
3) Evander “Ziggy” Hood / 1st – 2nd
4) Tyson Jackson / LSU / 1st
5) Ron Brace / Boston College / 1st – 2nd
6) Jarron Gilbert / San Jose State / 2nd
7) Fili Moala / USC / 2nd
8) Sen Derrick Marks / Auburn / 3rd
9) Mitch King / Iowa / 3rd
10) Alex Magee / Purdue / 3rd
11) Dorell Scott / Clemson / 3rd
12) Corvey Irvin / Georgia / 3rd
13) Chris Baker / Hampton / 3rd – 4th
14) Sammie Lee Hill / Stillman / 3rd -4th
15) Terrance Knighton / Temple / 4th – 5th
16) Ricky Jean-Francois / Florida / 4th – 5th
17) Kyle Moore / USC / 4th – 5th
18) Roy Miller / Texas/ 5th
19) Terrance Taylor / Michigan / 5th

B.J. Raji is the true stud in this group who has been projected anywhere from top 5 to pick 12 at the Broncos. Raji provides a run stuffing presence in the middle with the ability to move around and frustrate offenses. One of Raji's strongsuits is that he's extremely instinctual and even if he can't get to the QB, he will get in the passing line and disrupt a ton of balls at the line. Jerry is an outstanding pentrator who stuffs a ton of plays behind the LOS. Jerry is perfect fit for the Tampe 2 and has been projected anywhere from the Bears to the Colts. Hood, Gilbert and Jackson are fits at 3-4 end but have the builds to play inside if need be. Ron Brace played next to Raji at BC but is strictly a run stuffer at this point. The 3rd round offers some intriguing prospects with upside. Either way an extremely deep class in the draft.

3-4 NTs

1) B.J Raji / Boston College / Top 10
2) Ron Brace / Boston College / 1st – 2nd
3) Chris Baker / Hampton / 3rd – 4th
4) Sammie Lee Hill / Stillman / 3rd -4th
5) Terrance Taylor / Michigan / 5th
6) Roy Miller / Texas/ 5th

Not much here in number of space eaters but some good players. Raji and Brace headline. Baker is from little known Hampton but played a 3-4 in college and Hampton grads have had success in the pros in the 3-4 alignment (Kendall Langford most recently). Hill is massive with some impressive combine numbers. He too has risen up draft boards. Taylor and Miller were round 1 candidates early this year but their production didn't match the hype. Both still have considerable upside.

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