Friday, April 18, 2008

Good riddance Isiah...... almost

This guy just won't take a hint. First he loses his status as team president/gm and now he has been informed he will not be retained as the head coach either. But Isiah still says he wants to stay in the organization in some capacity. He reminds me of the way I acted at the conclusion of a date I had with this girl a few weeks ago. I said to her after the date; "so I had a really nice time I'd like to meet up with you again soon" and she says after pausing, "lets talk this week.' I should have realized she was blowing me off but then I still called her once 2 nights later. Then, I supplemented this call, which was never returned, with a text just to give her one final shot to touch base with me. This girl did not want a second date and Donnie Walsh does not want Isiah in the organization in any capacity either. So Isiah, please, for the sake of all parties involved, including yourself, just go away.
As for his replacement, word is that New York's own Mark Jackson has the inside track on this job. Jackson did himself no favors, if he wanted to stay mum on this, when he publicly resigned from the YES broadcast booth during the final Nets game this past Wednesday. However, Jackson is the right man at the right time for this club. He is a brilliant basketball mind and he was a great on the floor leader as a player for the Knicks and Pacers. His New York roots will only benefit him as he deals with the intense media scrutiny he will undoubtedly endure. Although he has no head coaching experience, he is, by all accounts, a great communicator and a savvy basketball strategist. However, most importantly, His name is not ISIAH THOMAS! Welcome back to the big apple Mark

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