Friday, April 18, 2008

Why "I want ____ to win a ring to secure his own legacy" is a stupid argument.

Thinking about the Phoenix/San Antonio series reminds me of a discussion I was having with my dad, most recently about J-Kidd being traded, though we've had it probably 20 times over the last 15 years. The issue: Should we care about guys who have given their all to a franchise and want to be traded so that they can complete their mission of winning a title? For what it's worth, we're both in agreement that this is complete BS. Ok Marino, you don't have your Super Bowl Title, (You should've listened to Wade Boggs) but let's compare you with my dad, a fairly successful man in his own right.

-Played in the NFL for 15 seasons.
-Worshipped by the drug dealers, Cubans, and Jews of South Florida.
-Played in one Super Bowl, can attend any future Super Bowl with the snap of your fingers.
-His drug problem was the best thing to ever happen to him-it made the Jets pass on him.
-Has a lifelike bust in Canton, Ohio.

-Ran a fairly successful small business in Newark, NJ for about 20 years.
-Sometimes allowed to eat the last piece of chicken at home. But usually wife and son fight for it. Begrudging respect at best given by loved ones.
-If lucky, will attend one Super Bowl in his lifetime. With his luck, it'll be Cowboys vs. Patriots.
-Would put up a lifelike bust of self in Springfield, NJ home, except for wife and child would be more embarrassed than proud of said bust.

Sorry Marino, but no sympathy from here about your lack of rings. Now get back to your CBS studios and keep making jokes that even Carrot Top finds stupid.

(That said, I'm rooting for a Suns & Celtics final. More on this in a few hours)

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