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Mahatma's NFL Draft Position Rankings: FBs, TEs, WRs

Sure the Fullback is going the way of the Dodo but maybe this is a year that we see the fullback rise from the depths of obscurity to lead a team to championships glory? Eh Probably not. Here’s some guys that everyone that will forget about once they are drafted. Hillis, Hester and Schmitt lead the way but really even my nerd self could barely contain my care face.

1) Peyton Hillis / Arkansas / 4th – 5th

2) Jacob Hester / LSU / 5th

3) Owen Schmitt / WVU / 5th

4) Jerome Felton / Furman / 5th – 6t

5) Carl Stewart / Auburn / 6tth

Tight ends overall this year are a deep and extremely talented group of guys that will likely become factors on Sunday. There is no Shockey, Gates or Winslow out of the bunch but they all have potential. Teams are showing way more TE sets because of the various mismatches they create by being on the field. As the fullback system becomes extinct, the two tight end scheme has never been more widespread so teams will continue to load up. Of the class here, Fred Davis might be the most athletic of the bunch and is extremely raw overall but the talent is there. Finley, Rucker and Bennett are also extremely talented but just less polished. Cottam is the best “tackle eligible” in the draft. Carlson/Tamme are your average run-of-the-mill white tight ends meaning they can catch well but lack the game breaking ability relative to this position but are good targets to attack the short and intermediate passing zones.

1) Fred Davis / USC / 2nd

2) John Carlson / Notre Dame/ 2nd – 3rd

3) Dustin Keller / Purdue / 2nd – 3rd

4) Kellen Davis / Michigan State / 3rd

5) Martellus Bennett / Texas A+M / 4th

6) JerMicheal Finley / Texas/ 4th

7) Brad Cottam / Tennessee / 5th

8) Jacob Tamme / Kentucky / 5th

9) Darrell Strong / Pitt / 6th

10) Martin Rucker / Missouri / 6th

The 2008 WR class is also among one of the deepest in the drafts. Like the tight ends, it’s not really top heavy by any means but teams are able to find talent in the mid rounds with not much drop off from the early picks. There’s no clear cut stud in all of this either. Each prospect has things they can do well but also share one fatal flaw. Sweed was supposed to have a crappy speed but ran well in shorts. Whether that can translate on the field is another story. Ditto James Hardy as well but he’s 6’ 6’’ and appears slower on film. Devin Thomas has the top measurables and likely be the first wideout taken but only one year of solid production. Kelly, on a bum leg, ran a horrendous 4.68 at his pro day (he missed the combine and will likely fall) but has great hands (think Anquan Boldin). Jackson has size concerns and had a truly mediocre season but the fact remains he is the most dangerous YAC guy in the draft. Manningham the most notable name out of this group has fallen due focus concerns and lack of top end speed. Here are some of the other notable names:

1) Limas Sweed / Texas / 1st - 2nd

2) Devin Thomas / Michigan State / 1st - 2nd

2) Malcolm Kelly / Oklahoma / 1st – 2nd

3) James Hardy / Indiana / 1st – 2nd

4) Desean Jackson / Cal / 1st – 2nd

5) Early Doucet / LSU / 2nd

6) Mario Mannigham /Michigan / 2nd

7) Eddie Royal / VT / 3rd

8) Donnie Avery / Houston / 3rd – 4th

9) Dexter Jackson / Appalachian State / 3rd – 4th

10) Keenan Burton / Kentucky / 3rd – 4th

11) Adarius Bowman / OK. State / 4th

12) Earl Bennett / Vanderbilt / 4th

13) Adrian Arrington / Michigan / 4th

14) Jordy Nelson / Kansas State / 4th

15) Andre Caldwell / UF / 4th – 5th

16) Harry Douglas / Louisville / 5th

16) Marcus Monk / Arkansas / 5th – 6th

17) Mario Urrutia / Louisville / 5th – 6th

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