Friday, May 16, 2008

Angry white man: NHL/NBA Playoffs edition

This playoff season is maddeningly frustrating. The NBA is in the middle of some of the worst 7 game series to ever go down, while the NHL has given us some of the best 5 game series that you're ever going to see. I'm not going to give you stats that I have to look up, because like Kim Jong-Il, I'm very busy. (Note: In the time it took me to look up that Team America clip and write this parenthetical, I could've easily Wikipedia-ed the scores in the NBA and NHL playoff games this year. But let's be honest, you'd rather watch marionette Kim Jong-Il send marionette Hans Blix to his death.)

As a whole, I'd give both of these leagues a B/B- grade for the level of excitement so far, but for completely different reasons.

I'm sick of these NBA playoffs. I'm sick of watching game 5, thinking that the Cavs have what it takes to dethrone the Celtics, only to see the C's win by 20. I'm sick of watching game 6 of Hornets/Spurs, only to see San Antonio win by the same 20. And I'm sick of game 7's where I turn it on and the home team is up by 20 at the half.

And the NHL playoffs are just as frustrating for the exact opposite reasons. Make no mistake, the fact that the Rangers are out and the Flyers are about to be defeated by their in-state rival proves that Allah/Jeebus is alive and well. But almost all of the series that I care about have begun 3-0. And I don't want to watch the elimination games, but the NHL games have been so damn good that I can't resist. The Pens and Wings have both lost only a few games so far during their postseason run. But how many of their games were within a goal with 4 or 5 minutes to go? It's a shame that the result of the series is such a foregone conclusion, because the actual games are worth watching. It's not that I'm unhappy with the level of play in the NHL playoffs, (the Devils aside) but there have been very few series whose outcome was in doubt 3 games into the series.

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