Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tales from the Library: Part 1

I don't know if I've said this yet, but I'm basically spending the summer studying for the Bar Exam. This is going to result in fewer stories on my end, but more importantly, it's going to result on many tales from the library of sketchy individuals:

Yesterday some girl whose body was an 8 and face was a 6 sat down was studying for the MCATs or something. Since suburban NJ libraries see as much hot ass as Saudi Arabia, I figured it was my patriotic duty to sit down one table away. Today? Yeah, I got there first, and she sat as far away as possible.

To paraphrase Mike Ness of Social Distortion: This has always been the story of my life.

Some dude sneezed and said "Thank you" before anyone even said "God Bless You." Is it just me, or is this a massive dick move? And not only that, but he sneezed again and pulled the exact same charade. First of all, like Spiderman said to Peter Griffin, "Everyone gets one." No more, no less, one "god bless you." Second of all, no one said anything! Stop assuming you have friends in the library. Anyone have any thoughts on whether this guy pulled a dick move?

Needless to say, these two rants have probably taught you, dear SUS reader two things:

1. I'm angry.
2. My posts suck when I spend all day in the library. Sorry.

Props to BH for the assist with the photo.

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