Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Irony of Sorts

So as I watched the Pens shit on the Flyers tonight I realized something about the "Battle of Pennsylvania" : the nicknames of the cities are both a bit ironic now.

First we'll take Pittsburgh, known as the "Steel City". It got this nickname from all the steel mills it was famous for for many decades. And many people still thinking its a major producer of steel. What they dont know is that there really is no more steel mde in the city. So the nickname continues despite steel not being a major industry of the city anymore.

Next we have Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love." You know I'm not sure what time period that was coined because every one currently alive knows Philly to be filled with nothing but douchebags. I mean they boo Santa Claus for god's sake. And as the article Mahatma posted shows, are the least friendly city in the US. So either something went horribly wrong (probably started with teh creation of the Flyers) or the city's idea of brother love is jsut way different from everyone elses.

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Mahatma said...

Daniel Briere offers a lot of "brotherly love". Don't make me post the photos again.