Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mike D'Antoni Really????

Well the good news is we now officially have a new head coach and his name is not Isaiah Thomas. The bad news, his name is Mike D'Antoni. I guess, because he is a good offensive coach, this means he is good at something as a coach unlike Thomas. However, Mark Jackson, as Jeff Van Gundy previously stated, was the right man at the right time for this job. He is a very bright, young and New York experienced man who would be ideal to steward the Knicks' rebuilding project. D'Antoni basically took this job entirely because of the money. I am a realist and understand that money always is the number one factor when decisions like these are made. However, this D'Antoni signing reeks of money being the only motive for the former Suns coach to come to the big apple. He knows he is going from a team that was a perennial contender and 55 game winner to a team that may not win 55 games combined in the next two seasons (which is fine by me if we sign Lebron in 2010). He also was run out of Phoenix because his teams didn't play any defense. Great, just what we need, another coach who doesn't give a crap about playing D. He's not Zieke but I don't think he is the right man for the job either. I hope I am wrong, like I was about Eli. However, unlike Eli, there is no shot of D'Antoni winning any titles in the next 3 seasons. It is not a dark day in Knicks history, but it could have been a far brighter one if Jackson was brought aboard.

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devo said...

Let's not forget there is a chance that Mark Jackson could've sucked given that he's never actually coached before.

Or worse, they could've been talking about ex-Golden State Warrior center Marc Jackson, who other than in name, has no ties to the Knicks, just saying.