Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Musings

(1) This probably makes me a stats nerd but I don't care. I love the new feature ESPN added on Sunday Night Baseball. They show each player's batting average in all of the possible counts (I believe its total of 12 possibilities 4 possible amount of balls (0,1,2,3) X 3 possible amount of strikes (0,1,2). Anyway I like knowing this stuff.

(2) Can anybody win a Freaking road game please- Home teams are now 45-15 in this year's NBA playoffs which is a high since 1984. Maybe it is because I am a bitter Knicks fan but I prefer watching home crowds look upset and stunned while they watch their home team fall as opposed to watching every home crowd rejoice.

(3) I know that we were kind of a fluke Bowl winner but can we get a little higher than 6th in the power rankings that the aforementioned four letter network just put out? I'll concede that the Pats should be higher as should the Colts. But Dallas hasn't won a playoff game yet with Romo/TO and the Chargers haven't been to the bowl with LDT. In addition, the Jags haven't even gotten to the conference title game since a certain Superbowl champion coach got them there.

That is all for now.

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devo said...

My dad went on a jihadic rant last night when they showed the power rankings 5 minutes to a May Sportscenter. I agreed with him. And when he made the same rant 10 minutes later, I agreed with him again.