Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Glen Rice

So today is Glen Rice's 41st birthday, just thought I'd mention that. He was always one of my favorite players in video game basketball, few shooters were better. Rice won an NCAA Championship at Michigan (MVP of tourney as well) in '89 and an NBA ring with the Lakers in 2000. Heres a couple videos to remind you of a star from the 90's.


devo said...

The man hangs out at Heat games now like migrant workers by the Home Depot. Seriously, he might as well just wear a shirt to the games that says "Hi, I'm Glen Rice, help me relive my glory years."

Oh, and fuck him for beating Seton Hall in '89.

Anonymous said...

Glen Rice Forgot Where He Came.When Is That His Elementary Coach Cant Get Tickets To A Game.Maybe his stupid wife didnt give him the message.Should A List have Been Left Just in case I Called.What goes around comes around.The elementary school in Flint, Garfield,rings a bell,i thought so.Maybe his wife will get most of his money.But,I am very happy for his sucess.

James Watkins said...

If You Need To Talk Drop Aline.