Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Soccer Hooligans!

On Sunday I attended my first Red Bulls (a.k.a NY/NJ Metrostars, a.k.a who cares!) game and let's just say I wasn't that impressed. I mean, I know it's no World Cup but seriously, these guys should be playing a city park instead of Giants stadium. Of the 200 people that attended I was one of the 4 that spoke English. I think it's really funny when fans trashtalk in Spanish, but I wish I knew what they were saying (stupido pendejo!!).

But the game itself wasn't too bad. Usually these futbol contests end in low scoring but not this game. Chicago Fire (seriously, what kind of f*cking name is that?!?!?) scored 5 goals to Red Bulls 1. I've never seen or heard of 5 goals being scored against an opponent before (not since little league soccer...man I was a shitty ballkicker kid). Midway in the 2nd half it started to look like a hockey blowout, a fight broke out on field, refs and coaches shouting at each other etc. I wished I was at a hockey game at that moment. I always love watching the hockey fights when the goaltenders square off against one another and skate the course of the rink to attack. That would have been sweet if the soccer goalies had done the same.

Simply put I spent more $ on food and booze at the game then I did for the ticket and even booze couldn't help enlighten my MLS experience. Note to self....I miss football


devo said...

When I was in Amsterdam, I thought I saw a record amount of goals being scored. Turns out it was a clip show. Needless to say, I was real full of, um, Amsterdam at that point.

Mahatma said...

Honestly Devo?

No seriously?

Why is it that I don't remember that portion of the trip?

I right I was face-first in pasta or something.