Monday, May 26, 2008


Since our adoring public has clamored for more Penguin articles, I decided to take a quick little recap of the Stanley Cup Finals right now.

You know that feeling when you go up to this really attractive girl and she humors you a bit before Brad Pitt swoops by and they go back to his place.

Yea that's kind of like how it is right now.

On another note, I think Chris Osgood should volunteer himself for the olympic diving contest.
The man can fool any judges as evident by this game 2.

Check back later this week as we officially end Penguins month here at SUS and I personally crawl into a blawging purgatory until football season.


devo said...

Maybe it's just me, but I could've sworn I saw a Penguins shot on goal last night. Good job.

GOD said...

I could've told you all the Penguins sucked months ago. Centuries ago even.