Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jets/Dolphins Recap

12:15pm: Woke up, hungover and still in my jeans.

12:20pm: Checked cell phone messages. Most texts were from Jet fans getting me excited for the game. I then remembered it was Sunday. I didn’t care that my head hurt and my mouth was dryer than Hillary’s vagina, a new NFL season is here!

12:35pm: I showered, straightened up and even shaved.

12:38pm: Took a non-static cloth and some Windex and I wiped down my 46inch LCD TV. This was the first legit NFL game it was going to watch since the Superbowl. Best investment I’ve made in awhile

12:43pm: Brought my laptop downstairs to the couch, powered it up and prepared my fantasy teams

12:53pm: I checked all my fantasy teams (yes I am in 6 leagues and I don’t care how crazy it may seem, I rule and go F yourself) and was ready to begin

12:59pm: Forgetting I have a hangover and headache I wash down some Gatorade and 3 advil, ate like 3 crackers and busted out the Chinese food menus. Although, every time I looked at the menu I felt like puking.

1:05pm: KICK IT!!!

Every team is going to have their pre-game jitters on opening day and they usually carry over into the first quarter. The Jets might have more than most teams considering all the new faces they have on both sides of the ball, especially on offense with the most important position, the quarterback. But Favre is no ordinary QB. He’s a 16 year veteran who thrives off competition and just flat out loves to win. His passion and integrity for the game is very admirable. I’m not saying that Pennington lacked these same qualities but Favre is a real breath of fresh air as well as a boost for a playoff spot. This game was a lot closer than I was hoping it would be but it didn’t surprise me one bit. They certainly are going to need to play a lot better against a Bradyless Patriots team if they want to take lead of the division.

Offense C: Brett Favre says he knows about 75% of the offensive plays? I say that’s bullshit. I bet he barely knows half of them. And that’s what it looked like in Miami on Sunday. Take example the 4th and 13 hailmary to Chansi Stuckey, at the line of scrimmage he called for the same play, confusing the rest of the offensive unit. But god damn it worked! If that were Pennington throwing the ball, it probably wouldn’t have made it past the line of scrimmage. Favre gives the Jets the ability to go deep more often and I almost shot a load in my pants when he threw that 50yd bullet to Cotchery for the first score of the game. The running game has some signs of life though. Thomas Jones was hitting the holes nicely and even bouncing to the outside a couple times. As out-of-sync as they may have looked, they still put the ball in the end zone when they needed too, something Pennington or Clemens struggled to do for the team last season. Favre only got to practice with Coles twice before the game. Give their relationship some time to develop and Favre has another weapon to throw too during gametime.

Defense B+: I may be a little generous with the plus but it was certainly nice to see an opponent’s total rushing yardage under 50 for once. Mind you it was a young offensive line they were matching up against but no matter, it’s confidence to build going into next weeks matchup with the playboyless massholes. The starting 2 corners, rookie Dwight Lowery and Darrelle Revis played great games. Revis had Ted Ginn Jr. shutdown practically all day. Miami tried to exploit Lowery as a weakness but he certainly stepped up to the challenge and made a lot of key plays (especially on 4th and goal in the endzone). Calvin Pace looked better than I thought he would as he was aggressive and always in the backfield putting pressure on Chad. The defense did what every opposing defense has done against Pennington; never let him beat you deep. First because he can’t throw the ball that far, secondly because the closer he gets to the redzone the harder it is for him to get 6 on the board. So he threw 20 of his 26 passes to the TE’s and RB’s which what I’ve been accustomed to as a Jet fan for a very long time and it was nice not to see that during the game from Favre.

Special Teams D: They had good field position for most of the day but that was largely due to the defense keeping Miami’s offense from moving the ball. Mike Nugent hurt his leg in the 1st quarter leaving us without a kicker for more than half the game. Had Pennington scored on that last minute drive I probably would of drove to Favre’s new house and taken a shit on his lawn (he just bought a house in my old hometown) just because it’s close. It was real funny watching Kellen Clemens line up and practice kicking extra points.

Coaching B-: The defense did a good job of keeping the running game and the passing attack contained until the 4th quarter. Offense still needs some work considering all the talent they have on that side of the ball. It’s obvious that there was a lot of rust on the offense and defense and an early bye week will only help it. If both units can get their act together this is definitely a playoff team.

With Brady done for the season it seems almost unreal that the Jets have the best shot at winning the division. But I’m not counting out the Patriots, or the Bills for that matter, just yet. They are still the Patriots and the Bills have a lot of talent to challenge for the division as well. If the Jets can work the kinks out on offense and get more pressure on the quarterback I can sleep a little more easily knowing that winning the division is not as far as a reach as one Jet fan would have dreamed.

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devo said...

As someone who was anti-Favre but is still fairly pro-Jets, this is going to be an awkward season. This was exemplified by the following comment at your place while watching the Packers/Vikes game:

Me: "Go Packers. It'll be a nice FU to Favre if they do well this season. (turning to SHMUCK) Uh, no offense."