Friday, September 12, 2008

White Boy's Picks Week 2: NFC East style (1-1)

New York Giants (-8.5) at St. Louis Rams

Nothing upsets me more than when the Giants are 7 points or more favorites. This team has historically been incredible as dogs and terrible as huge favorites. See Superbowl 42 and any home game against the Falcons without Vick starting at QB as contrasting examples. The Rams could not have looked worse on either side of the ball Sunday at the Illadelph. Apparently Philly has some great young receiver name Jackson who already absolutely terrifies me (more on them soon). He torched the Rams horrendous D as did Westbrook and Donovan. I expect Eli and Plax to do more of the same. Eli has been phenomenal in domes in his career and should have a field day against the Rams. However, I am a little bit worried about the Bulger, Holt and Steven Jackson trio having a big day against a solid but no longer Superbowl caliber defense. I would expect the Giants to win by about 9 or 10 points in a high scoring game. Still, I worry about complacency from the champs against an inferior opponent. THE PICK: GIANTS (31-21)

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys (-6.5)

Ah, the twice a year affair when White Boy roots for injuries (don't get all moralistic and holier than thou about this Tirico, I don't really mean it). Since both of these teams can't lose this week; I will have to hope at least 1 of them does (if it's a tie game I won't be happy.) The Eagles looked more than impressive Sunday disposing of a horrendous Rams defense and stifling a fairly talented Rams offense. Jim Johnson continues to be a phenomenal coordinator and seems to know how to handle Dallas's insanely talented offense. Dallas also was dominant on both sides of the ball against a talented (offensively), though seemingly unprepared to play, Browns club in week 1. However, as the G-men demonstrated in the playoffs last year, Dallas has trouble beating physical defenses and winning low scoring games. Expect Philadelphia to keep this game extremely close if not win it outright. I would say that I expect this to be a 4-point game either way but I won't be a pussy about it…… THE PICK: EAGLES (21-17 [that score look familiar Dallas fans] )

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