Thursday, September 11, 2008

What really grinds my gears: some things that are annoying me in the world of sports and a bonus anti-rant

1) People like Mike Tirico, who have no team allegiance, who think you can't be happy about Brady's injury: Look, as a fan of an NFC team who beat a healthy Patriots team in the Super Bowl; I can't say I was particularly giddy that Brady got hurt. My animosity towards him has greatly been alleviated since that wonderful day in early February. However, Steelers and Jets fans are perfectly within their rights to be thrilled about Brady's injury. Brady is not dead, his little girl is totally healthy, he has more money than any of us could dream of having, and he has a model girlfriend. Oh and he has 3 rings too. Furthermore, his injury was not to the brain, neck or spine; areas that would seriously impact his daily functioning and life after football. If any of these aforementioned traumas afflicted the NFL's best player; I would feel truly bad for him. However, his injury will just force him to miss 1 NFL season. I don't understand why anyone is supposed to feel bad for him; that is, unless you are a Pats fan, Bill Bellicheck or owner Robert Kraft. Again, as a fan of an NFC East team; I will somewhat miss watching the Michael Jordan of the NFL on a regular basis. However, I would be in heaven if I was a Jets or Steelers fan right now. Lastly, I am sick of these media types who have lost their sports souls by entering into broadcasting and journalism. I can somewhat tolerate this but not when you get on your high horses and act like sports fandom requires the same level of manners, cordiality and love for your fellow man/woman that real life does. Sports is a vehicle for us diehards to have a catharsis and get away from our daily lives and concerns. It allows us to get out our more primodial urges. We don't wish real harm on these athletes; we just want our teams to win badly ( at least us somewhat normal diehards). Please understand this and stop being high and mighty about something that is just for fun.

2) Ocho Cinco mania- This was cute when his name was still Chad Johnson and when he actually was a dominant receiver. The fact is, outside of a great regular season in 2005; Ocho Cinco has been all talk and no walk. He runs his mouth every week and then gets shut down by the NFL's elite and good corners. Last week he had 1 catch as his offense was abysmal while taking on an old Raven's defense. I don't even mind that he changed his name; I just wish the media, have that read espn, would stop interviewing him all the time as if he was a legitimate superstar like Peyton, LDT or TO.

3) Overreacting to Week 1: well in most cases- Obviously the Patriots and Chargers fans have reason to be sick over the events of week 1. The Pats lost Brady for the year and the Bolts lost its best, if not roid enhanced, defensive player Shawn "Lights Out" Merriman. However, no other team, with the exception of possibly the Jaguars;who are losing Offensive Lineman like Mcain will lose swing voters in the election, have any real reason to be overly concerned after 1 week. Sure the Seahawks and Browns looked horrendous in ugly losses to the Bills and Cowboys respectively and clearly the Skin's coach has not mastered the concept of running a hurry up offense down 2 possessions in the game's waning moments. However, you don't have any idea how most teams will fare during the remaining 16 weeks of play. If the Browns beat the Steelers in the the Burgh this weekend and the Rams beat the champs in STL this weekend; then what was the all the hysteria from Browns and Rams nation (are there any Ram's fans?) in week 1 for? (if the latter happens I will be muy not happy)

4) Yankees quitting- I will be the first to admit I am a very spoiled Yankees fan. I consider this team, that will finish up with 83-85 wins, to be a pathetic group. This will be the first year since I started rooting for the Yanks that the club will not play baseball in October. However, it is more than a little irritating when I see the Blue Jays and Astros, who are as realistically out of it as the Yanks are, playing inspiring ball down the stretch. I blame Girardi and a band of lazy millionaires, I"m looking at you Cano and Abreu, for not even putting up a fight in this last month of the year. I am truly embarrassed to be a Yankee fan right now.

5) Anti-rant: Black dudes love my hat- I am not an Obama supporter because he is black, I am an Obama supporter because I agree with almost every position he espouses and because I believe he can fundamentally change politics in this country. However, I do like that when I'm in predominantly black neighborhoods like West Harlem and Morris Park in the Bronx, Black dudes either tell me directly hat they love my hat or give me a nod of approval as if to say; your pretty cool for a white dude from Long Island. I have enjoyed this, I won't pretend that I haven't.


devo said...

Any truth to the rumor that young black men in Chelsea love more than just your hat?

White Boy South Bronx said...


solo said...

don't forget the black "guys" at the china club either...

for the record, houston's only 3 games out in the wild card

Anonymous said...

White boy commenting from random computer at Yeshiva

yea I know about Houston. I just don't think they can jump over all the teams that they are tied with or close to. Milwaukee won't totally collapse like they did last few years at least I hope not