Friday, September 12, 2008

Week 2 Picks, A Brooklyn Hillbilly Production

Im 2-0. Start hatin, haters!

Good thing he wears gloves, wouldnt want his hands to get cold. Still the best fan outfit ever.

San Diego(-1) at Denver (O/U 45.5):
Let me say this, the Chargers MUST win this game, they can't afford to have shitty starts in consecutive seasons. Is it more important to win at the end of the year? Sure, but falling two games back to Denver in the division will have severe consequences this year. The Broncos looked great last week, and Cutler seems to be living up to the hype, for one week at least. The Chargers cant count on this Broncos team to self-destruct this season, and may have to get used to the sight of Denver ahead of them in the standings.

Now, that being said, Denver scored a grand total of 6 points in games against the Chargers last year, compared to 64 for San Diegans. The spread wont be so great this year, but you have to think the Chargers are gonna put up 35 against the Broncos in one of their games this year. I don't think this will be the one. The Mile High advantage, plus the fact that Shawn Merriman joins Tiger Woods and Tom Brady on the couch will limit the Chargers ability to pressure Cutler, allowing him to gain another week of experience and about 200 yards with 2 TDs. LT and Rivers still play for the Chargers, however, and will make their impression felt. I'm seeing a great game here, a nail-biter that goes to the last 3 minutes. The professional in me says the Chargers cover, but the sentimental side of me has the Broncos with the upset, 24-21.

Who wears short shorts? My starting fantasy tight end apparently.

New Orleans at Washington (Pick 'em, 41.5):
Obviously, the biggest news here is Marques Colston's injury. The second biggest news would be the Redskins coaching staff's apparent incompetence at life. You cant be too harsh on Zorn though, it was his first game as HC. But you would think he knows that with six minutes left in the game, you might need to try and win it. Regardless, 10 days to think over the loss and absorb criticism will leave this a stronger team. If Jason Campbell can figure out his teams offensive system that is.

Washington will try to win this game with Portis and Campbell not making mistakes while the D tries to shut down a less explosive New Orleans offense. I don't think this will happen. Reggie Bush seems to be coming into his own as a hybrid RB/WR(cant wait til hes listed as that in fantasy, he would become an instant top 5 pick), and Drew Brees will be his normal productive self. I don't like the Saints to have a great game, but the Skins will dig a bit deeper hole for themselves. I see the Saints pulling this one out, at 20-14.

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