Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey ESPN guys, learn English!

A few minutes ago, I heard Darren say something about how the Steelers are going to "outphysical" their opponent this week.

Is it asking too much of self-appointed professional wordsmith Darren Woodson to not make up his own words? Hey Darren, I don't have any degrees from the prestigious Bristol University, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be difficult for the Steelers to "out-physical" anyone.

Devo, Pittsburgh looked pretty good last week, they can definitely do it again.

Agreed, the Steelers are a good football team, but there is a 0% chance that they will "outphysical" Cleveland. Why? BECAUSE 'OUTPHYSICAL' IS SIMPLY POOR ENGLISH!!! When someone outlasts another team, they last longer than said team. The verb "to last" is an actual verb. Thus, to outphysical some team implies that 'to physical' is a verb. Well, I'm not saying that Darren Woodson (who may not have coined the term, but certainly used it 5 minutes ago) is making up words; but I am offering 600 shares of stock in Straight Up Sports Inc. to anyone who can find the verb 'to physical' in a dictionary.

And no, the Urban Dictionary doesn't count.

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Mahatma said...

The Steelers are horrendous.