Friday, September 12, 2008

Mahatma’s "I almost forgot to do these" Picks (1-1)

So thanks to the impotent Bungle offense, I lost last week. Have I mentioned I hate the Bengals?

Anyway, here’s some other picks to lose money off of.

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-6)

Everyone is on Buffalo’s jock after the thorough whooping they gave the Seattle Seahawks but really we can’t take much stock in the first game of a season where an opponent has to fly cross country to play a team they know nothing about. Bills though looked impressive and will have a much stiffer test as they play the Jags this week. The Jags got "outphysicaled" last week and in the process are now without 4 of their top 9 linemen. For a team that’s physical up front, that’s not good.

Buffalo’s D is much improved from a year ago and now has ex Jagoff, Marcus “tiny” Stroud. Stroud should enjoy facing back up guards and this should only open things up for the defense. David “stop calling me Leftwich” Garrard won’t be able to rely on his running game and this week he can’t rely much on his passing game as The Jaguars are also thin at wide receiver with injuries to Dennis “Drop” Northcutt and Troy “I’m bad” Williamson and Reggie “Being the best receiver on this team is like being the smartest kid with down syndrome” Williams but hey at least Jerry “I was awesome in a 4 game stretch in 2004” Porter should be back.

The Jags got tore up through the ground last week and have an even stiffer test against Marshawn “GAWD” Lynch. I fully expect Jacksonville to rebound in that department but I really like Buffalo here. At full strength this is another story but with so many injuries, Buffalo should gut this out with a late field goal. Bills also have the best special teams in the league.

Buffalo – 23

Jacksonville - 20

Pittsburgh Steelers (+6) @ Cleveland Brown

Everything looks too good about this game that even ESPN is hyping the Steelers up as the de-facto AFC favorites which is hilarious because they thought the Steelers wouldn’t even make the playoffs a week ago. The thing about hype is that the Steelers always played horrendously being the hunted.

Can the Browns take advantage? Not likely. They are exceptionally banged up all over with significant injuries to the secondary. Heck they have even placed calls to White Boy to utilize his 7.5 40 speed. Unfortunately, White Boy had a Yankee game to watch so he declined. Sad to say, this secondary is already bad to begin with so I expect the Steelers to do the exact opposite and run the football. That will show them!

Cleveland is already talking about this being a playoff game so I expect them to come out firing and grab an early lead. Steelers will get down and than go no huddle and shit all over the Stains. Steelers come back and win but Cleveland covers. Pittsburgh has won the last 9 over the Browns.

- 27

Cleveland - 23


Brooklyn Yinzer said...

BTW, the Stillers are GIVING 6 not getting 6. So maybe you need to rethink your pick. I'm still putting a few dances on the Stillers -6 because I'm a homer and have a high disdain for shitstains.

White Boy South Bronx said...

Hey! I run a 7.0 40 and stopped watching Yankee games a week ago thank you very much.