Monday, September 15, 2008

Death, Taxes, and Belichick hating on the Jets

Did anyone catch Belichick's postgame press conference? He was his usual self: boring and uninteresting to the average NFL fan, but speaking in a code that still pissed off the Jets organization and fans. Two quotes:

What was said: I thought we played a very good Jets team, who were riding high off of last week's win over Miami.

What that means: Can you believe the Jets? They beat the worst team in football by 7 points and were celebrating like it was the Super Bowl. This allegedly rebuilt defense was beaten by a glorified high school quarterback today! If the Deadbeat Dad had both his knees, this game would have been over 10 minutes in. But hey, good for the Jets-they beat the Dolphins. I guess it could've been worse. They could BE the Dolphins. Yeah, that fat f#@k Parcells is working wonders down there, ain't he?

What was said: It's good to come down here and win at Giants Stadium.

What that means:
What sort of half-assed franchise a) shares a stadium with another team and b) plays in a stadium named for another team? Christ, even the AHL team masquerading as the Islanders have their own building. But hey, good for the Jets, maybe they can get another win when Miami comes back to GIANTS Stadium later in the season.

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