Friday, September 19, 2008

Devo's Picks (2-1)

Tampa Bay (+ 3) over CHICAGO

An Open Letter to the Chicago Bears:

Dear Chicago Bears,

Please get a legitimate quarterback, for you are starting to anger the football Gods. It has been proven throughout history that a team without a quarterback can win a Super Bowl only if they have great special teams, a great defense, and a great running game. And even then, these teams can win no more than 1. (See the '00 Ravens and '85 Bears.) Chicago, you had all of this lined up in 2006. And you lost to the Colts. Stop trying to prove you can win with a hack behind center. Just stop. It's not going to happen. You have had plenty of opportunities to draft a quarterback and you have passed each time. For that, the football gods must now smite you, especially with Devin Hester hurt.

Final Score:
Tampa Bay 12
Chicago 10

Carolina (+3.5) over MINNESOTA

See above for my beef for Super Bowl contenders without quarterbacks. Throw in the fact that Carolina isn't an overrated sleeper for the first time in years and I'm going with Carolina. Oh, and Steve Smith coming back should be good for at least a touchdown. Can Gus Frerotte do what the mighty Tavaris could not? (See 1:50ish of the above video) Maybe, but not enough to cover.

Final Score:
Minnesota: 13
Carolina: 10

New Orleans (+5.5) over DENVER
Newsflash from SUS: Shockey is a douche. Has anyone seen the most recent ESPN magazine interview with him? For a Shockey interview, it's not highly controversial, but it still bothers me. Shockey looks back on the end of his time in Blue as if his separation from the Giants was inevitable. It's as if he HAD to leave because that's simply what happens when you get hurt and your team does well: they leave you behind, you sulk, and you get traded. Inevitable, right?

Not exactly. Contrary to the Shockey school of thought, it is possible to get hurt and NOT feel snubbed by your team. Why? Because EVERY TEAM SNUBS THEIR INJURED PLAYERS! Hey douchebag, rehab, come back, and try an earn a second Super Bowl ring after one was already given to you. At least, that's what people with an IQ higher than the average 10 year old would do. But hey, I aint bitter.

That said, Denver is very good, but the Saints have enough weapons on offense to force Denver to win this on a last minute field goal.

Final Score
Denver: 31
New Orleans: 27

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