Friday, September 19, 2008

Mahatma's Picks (3-1)

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans (-5)

The Titans are leading their division after 2 games. What?! Yep bring out the Titans. These is a team that always plays defense well and now has a gamebreaker on offense (Chris Johnson). Problem is they still have no one else to help out offensively so they got to keep relying on the defense to carry them. The Texans are fresh off their bye week (in week 2?) and now have to go on the road. This is a team that was out of synch of week 1 and will likely continue to be out of synch because of their bye. It’s shame because this was a team with the outside shot at the playoffs and now are left playing catch-up. I see Tennessee winning ugly as they always do but cover.

Tennessee – 18
Houston – 10

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens (-2)

The Browns are a league-wide disappointment and now have to go on the road to STD infested Baltimore and try to salvage the season. The Ravens are also fresh off a bye week (in Week 2) which is really is retarded but alas mother nature has the last laugh. The Ravens beat on a BAD Bungle team in week 1 and came out victorious thanks to their rookie QB. Flacco performed admirably and is already drawing parallels to Ben Roethlisberger? Really? Flacco?

University of Delaware’s Flacco had little trouble with the Bungles Division I-AA defense but will now actually face an NFL caliber front 7. Flacco I don’t think can make the throws to beat this secondary no matter how pathetic they are.

The Browns offense looked like it got into rhythm in the 2nd half of the Steeler/Browns game and make actually have the Browns on your fantasy team get some points. They are too talented to have no wins right?

Cleveland – 24
Baltimore – 21

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