Friday, September 19, 2008


First off I would like to apologize to my readers (all 4 of you). I didn’t write a Jets review because simply I was too disgusted with what I saw from the offense last week. They looked exactly the same as last season! All that money spent has made no difference so far at all. 1st and goal inside the 4yd line and 3 running plays later they still couldn’t pound it into the endzone. Now I know I’m being pessimistic and I should show solace that it’s only week 2 but screw that. There are many reasons why my name is “SHMUCK” and being reasonable is not one of them. Faneca got destroyed not once but twice by Richard Seymour on those running plays. Great investment that seems to be so far….eat me!

I think last week I got like 4 right in my weekly football pool at work. If anyone does read this, please, just pick the opposite, at least you can probably break even. (Home teams in italics)


Last week (after the Jets queefed all over themselves) I saw the end of that Bronco/Charger game and I couldn’t believe how badly they blew that call. Chargers have lost their last 2 games in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. They really must have a bitter taste in their mouths. I turned to my roommate and said “Man I wouldn’t want to be playing them next week; they’re going to light shit up.” Than the color commentator, we’ll call him Dan Doochebag, tries to be all ominous about what could happen for each teams schedule before their bye weeks. Of course it had to be the Jets and it’s on Monday night, figures. My roommate turns to me and says “Isn’t that your team?” I respond, “F*** you.”

Chargers are banged up on both sides of the ball. L.T. is battling a toe injury and has had little impact so far this season. Shawn Merriman is done for the year and Jamal Williams is listed on the injury report as well. All but Merriman will play but will they be 100%? Without their star running back Rivers has still performed at a Probowl level throwing 6 TD’s in 2 games. The Jets have been great against the run ranked 6th in the league. Rivers has some good targets to throw too (Chambers, Gates, Jackson, L.T., Sproles) and I think it will be really hard for the Jets to cover all of them.

Jets defense was good last week but they were anything short of that when they were needed most. Down by 6 coming off a nice scoring drive by the offense they needed to force a 3 and out. But they couldn’t even do that. Instead New England drove the ball 70 yards chewing up 6 minutes off the clock and kicking a field, goal pretty much putting the game out of reach. Defensively the Jets don’t match well against San Diego. Gates should have a field day matching up against Bryan Thomas and Eric Smith. Revis is a great corner and he should have success covering Chambers.

Last week the Jets lost the field position battle and had a hard time moving the ball into Patriot territory. The Jets need to win that battle this week if they want any chance in this one. Favre and the offense have to be flawless. The Chargers are giving up over 400yds a game to their opponents. But I think San Diego is just too good of a football team. Jets might have a chance early on but I think they’ll choke….they usually do.

Chargers 34, Jets 20


I can’t say enough good things about Kurt Warner (he might do better as a Jet). With the exception of McNabb and Romo he’s probably the best QB in the NFC right now. Granted they did beat some of the lousier teams, 49ers and Dolphins. But still, they could definitely be a playoff contender come December. But the momentum has to be in the Redskins favor. With the home crowd cheering them on they came back from behind to beat (my superbowl pick) the New Orleans Saints. This was surprising because the game before last, against the Giants, they looked dismal and quite possibly one of the worst teams in the league. But the Redskins have always been a sketchy team. Sometimes they look perfect, almost unbeatable and then next week they lay an egg and look worse than the Detroit Lions. Last week may not have been a fluke but I’m leaning towards to say that yes it was. I’m going to take Arizona. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin are just way too much for the Redskins defense to handle.

Arizona 26, Washington 13

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White Boy South Bronx said...

Yea 34-20 might have been the exact score I would have picked for whatever thats worth, which isn't much.