Friday, September 19, 2008

White Boy South Bronx's Picks (3-1)

Just a quick disclaimer. Yes, I picked the Eagles to defeat the Cowboys this past Monday night 21-17. I was way off both in terms of the total points scored and on predicting which team would win the game. However, in spite of my best efforts to completely blow that pick, thanks to the spread being Dallas (-6) I actually get credit for the win as I pick based on spread not based on who wins or loses. Without further adieu….

Cincinnati Bengals (0-2!) at New York Giants (2-0) (-13.5)

That exclamation point is not a typo folks. That is how horrible the Bengals have looked so far this season. They have earned the moniker that Mahatma has bestowed upon them of the “Bungles.” I don’t want to be a Jet fan about this and say that this game scares me because it does not, but the 13.5 spread does scare me from a betting/picking standpoint. I can see 1 of these 2 scenarios unfolding: (1) The Giants take a gigantic first half lead, say 21-3, and kind of put it on cruise control the rest of the way and allow a meaning less touchdown and play ball control on offense (2) The Giants come out flat and the game is close until the 4th when they pull away by scoring a touchdown or two. Either way, I fully expect the Giants to win but I am going to say they won’t cover the number. Also, take the over as the Giants offense should have a field day against a horrid defense. In addition, I could see Palmer, given that scenario (1) above goes down, accruing some meaningless yards and TDS (my fantasy team is counting on that).

THE PICK: BUNGLES to cover, but Giants win 31-21

Dallas Cowboys (2-0) (-3) at Green Bay Packer (2-0)

I almost wish I was not going to the Giants game this Sunday because I want to watch the 4 and 8 pm games uninterrupted. At 4pm you have Mahatma and BH’s Stillers taking on the Giant’s arch rival Philadelphia Eagles. Then at 8pm you have a rematch of what many thought would be a preview of last year’s NFC title game. That game in November was exciting and kind of showed everyone that Rodgers could be okay if Farve left the Pack. Rodgers has not disappointed so far this year, looking incredible thus far. He is showing great poise, arm strength and accuracy in his first two starts against the talented defense of Minnesota and the completely inept defense of the Lions. It's defense was great in week 1 but was mediocre at best against the Lions in week 2. Dallas has been downright explosive on offense but showed lots of defensive holes in that thrilling Monday night wins over the Eagles. In addition Tony Romo continues to be the most exciting QB in the NFL because every play he makes is either remarkable or remarkably dumb. His several td passes to TO illustrate the former while his fumble in the end zone illustrates the latter. Dallas is a better team and is a great road team. I expect them to win by 5-10 points. As Al Harris showed in the NFC title game last January, a really good and explosive WR will burn him badly. TO certainly fits that description

THE PICK: DALLAS to win and cover, 27-21

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