Monday, February 9, 2009


Main Entry: drama queen
Part of Speech: N
Definition: any person who overreacts to a minor problem or situation

Look Ben, I love you and all but quit being a drama queen.

NEW YORK (TICKER) —The Super Bowl game-winning drive orchestrated by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will go down as one of the best in history. It’s even more impressive in the wake of learning that Roethlisberger played the game with at least two small rib fractures. reported that Roethlisberger’s injury was discovered following an MRI exam on the Thursday after Super Bowl XLIII. “Luckily, in the game, I didn’t take any big hits to make ‘em hurt,” Roethlisberger told the web site. “But I knew all along there was something wrong. There wouldn’t have been anything they could have done about fractured ribs anyway. It was just suck it up and play.” Roethlisberger drove the Steelers 78 yards for the winning touchdown, connecting with Santonio Holmes on a 6-yard scoring pass with 35 seconds left in the Steelers’ 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Prior to the Super Bowl, Roethlisberger underwent X-rays of the rib area, which were negative. He had absorbed a crunching hit to the back early in the AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Didn't we already know his ribs were banged up anyway? I mean wasn't there a widestorm panic on Friday when he went to have an MRI done? And wasn't it deemed you were about as probable as you ever are going to be.

Look as a Steeler fan it pains me to suggest my QB is a bit of a prima donna but look all of the good ones are: Tawm Brady, Peyton, Favre, Eli but still. It just bothers me that my QB has to remind everyone that he was injured. Dude isn't everyone injured in the playoffs? I'm sure James Harrison is playing on a screwd up ankle but he still rumbled 100 yards. The point is this. We won and I'm greatful and happy that god willing, I'll be able to watch the guy play for another 10 years but isn't it better to know you completed the "drive" without being the center of attention. You weren't even that HURT!!! It's kind of like the guy in highschool that got it on with the head cheerleader and told everyone x145565 times about it. Look it's great and all but shut up. Isn't it much better knowing that you did it while maintaining a shit eating grin and not telling a soul.

As always, maybe that's just me. I guess win or lose, Ben will always tell everyone he's hurt. That's just who he is. I'm okay with this as long as the superbowls keep coming. Ah, whom am I kidding? The reality is, you've won a pass from me forever, Ben and you've shown the world you are a tough SOB, even if you like the attention.


The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

Im gonna break two of your ribs and then criticize you when you complain about them.

devo said...

Is this the beginning of you hating everyone from THIS championship team too?

I can't wait until you bitch about Harrison taking his time and letting the D catch up on TAINTs.

Mahatma said...

Can't I love someone Ben despite him being a drama queen?

If anything that shows true love right there.