Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sammy Knight Era: We Hardly Knew Ye

See that helmet being elbowed? That's Sammy Knight. That's as close as I could come to a photo of Sammy Knight in blue.

Upon hearing the news that beloved Charger, Sammy Knight, was cut by the Giants yesterday, most of Big Blue Nation responded with a resounding "oh, right, we signed him last off-season, didn't we?" Some cap casualties have been greeted with sadness by Giants fans, (see: Simms, Phil) while others have been greeted with tears of joy. (See: Petitgout, Luke) But Sammy Knight is a revolutionary of sorts; he is the first cap casualty whose most newsworthy moment with the team was being cut, if only because it reminded fans that he existed.

The Giants also cut ties with Reuben Droughns, a move that came approximately twelve months later than expected, and Sam Madison, who based on his plummeting depth chart status, was involved in a Hideki Matsui-like decline.

In related news, the Giants currently have 1 running back signed for next year, and he still has to serve some of his offseason in the Virginia Penal System before he can resume his career. So yeah, any time Reese wants to re-sign Jacobs, feel free.

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