Monday, May 19, 2008

Clubhouse Shenanigans, Mets Take 1st Subway Series and By the Way...

Happy Monday Mets fans! After a tumultuous week, I'd say our weekend went pretty well (minus the Umps taking away what was clearly a 3 run homerun by Carlos Delgado). I'm working on being more positive, so let's start with the the bad and work our way over to the good:
The Bad and The Ugly
After Thursday's awfully frustrating loss to the Nats yet again, the clubhouse basically exploded with negativity from the reporters and players. Billy Wagner was pissed because certain people had left and had not given their soundbites to the newspeople. They all knew that Billy would provide these soundbites, and they were not disappointed. While he never called out any players in particular, most people think that he was singling out Delgado for leaving and avoiding what would clearly be a hard day to answer questions. Not only did the team squander Mike Pelfrey's fantastic near-no-hiter (yet again) to the Nats, but they also made costly base-running blunders that didn't help matters at all.
The game and its aftermath led to yet another media firestorm in which Willie Randolph's and Omar Minaya's jobs were questioned by the media and fans. Friday's rainout seemed to make matters a little better. The team had time for a players-only meeting as well as a full team meeting to air everything out. Billy Wagner was able to make some apologies (some deserved, some not). In another part of the story, I read that David Wright made another step towards becoming the team's leader in the meeting by taking charge. It seems to me that he has been hesitant to be a leader in the past, because he 1. has often tried to please everyone, from the players to the fans to the reporters and 2. thinks that he is too young to play that role. David, I think the time has come. You are obviously the only guy who even remotely wants this position. Either way, it seemed like everything had been evened out when we got to Saturday's game.
The Good
Saturday and Sunday's games were both close in the beginning, which made them a little nerve wracking to watch. In my opinion, the Mets had more on the line during these games because, as I said in the beginning of the season, there's more pressure on them this year. Yes, the Yankees are in last and are in a big scoring drought, but the Mets do not have the injuries and the young pitching that the Yankees do. It was really satisfying to see the team come together at the right time. Now all they have to do is keep that up for more than 2 or 3 games. Bring on the Braves!
Yesterday I participated in AIDS Walk New York, which starts in Central Park and winds its way around Upper Manhattan. It was a great day for a great cause!

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My problem with these AIDS walk is that there's never equal time given to both sides of the issue...