Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dear NBA, my bad.

I saw more NBA action today than I've seen in the last 5 years, which is to say that I watched the final three quarters after the Pens/Flyers game got ugly. (Congrats to the Pens, though I spoke to Yinzer after the game, and he still thinks that the Flyers will come back and take the series) And for what it's worth, it was a damn exciting game, with two near-epic performances by Pierce and LBJ. So I suppose that the least I could say, following my soon-to-be-Pullitzer-Prize-winning article on the uninspiring NBA playoffs is this: my bad NBA, my bad.

And two more thoughts from the weekend:

-Spent Friday at Porky's in the city with White Boy and a few others. Not a bad bar, but a new pet peeve of mine: bars that play one verse of good songs to a techno beat. Big fan of Sunday Bloody Sunday; don't need to hear a techno remix of it. Luckily they didn't commit any crimes against humanity by putting Baba O Riley to techno.

-And while we're here, a big f@!k you to youtube. I put 'Baba O' Riley' into the youtube search engine, and the first two videos weren't of The Who, but David Cook. Douche.

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The Yinzer said...

The Pens-Flyers series isnt over. Mark my words they will lay an egg and lose yet...