Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Say it aint so Carwood!

Without trying to sound like John Buccigross, can we assume that what Baba O' Riley is to music, Band of Brothers is to television? Actually, can we assume that outside of The Wire, no television show made better use of its time, making every scene count?

Let's answer yes to both of those questions. And in a show with an amazing cast of characters, Lt. Carwood Lipton, played by Donnie Wahlberg, is certainly one of the five most badass characters.

Donnie may never win an Academy Award. In fact, he'll probably never even be invited to the ceremony. But at the end of the day, on one of the better tv shows of all time, his character was the main focus of the best episode of the series, where they're getting shelled by the Germans and lost half the characters on the show in a five minute stretch. He was kinda like David Wells on the '98 Yankees.

And now? He's been reduced to this:

Carwood Lipton is turning over in his grave knowing that this "tough guy" portrayed him.


The Yinzer said...

This is why you never put your faith into someone who was part of a boyband. I've been going on about this for years but no one has ever listened to me. Once a New Kid, always a New Kid. And Bo knows, New Kids suck. Never forget those words.

devo said...

THE MAN SAVED THE WORLD FROM THE NAZIS! or at least, did so for 7 consecutive sundays back in 2001.

Mahatma said...

god that was awful. I think i need to watch BOB to cleanse myself