Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kill me now, a disaster of a New York Sports night

After spending several hours completing a rough draft of a take home final; I was greatly looking forward to a night of New York sports. A-rod was about to make his much needed return the 6th worst lineup in the league. Then, at 8pm the Knicks draft lottery fate would be decided. I really thought that we'd have some luck go our way. After years of bad luck, bad decisions and bad records, I thought this was the Knicks night to really begin the rebuilding process. As I sit here at 9:37 pm, my anger and frustration with the Knicks and Yankees has never been higher.
I had some optimism about tonight's Yankee game because I believed the return of the league's best player to our lineup would inject some life into this listless and joke of a team. It started off innocentley enough with a walk, a ground out and a strike out to the first three Orioles hitters. To my shock, horror an dismay, the strikeout to the dangerous Nick Markakis would be the last batter our most consistent starter this month, Mike Mussina would retire. Last I checked, in the 4th inning, it was 10-0 Baltimore. The two moments that infuriated me the most though was (1) Jeter's throwing error with 2 out and 2 on to load the bases with the O's already up 1-0 and (2) Jose Molina calling an 0-2 high fastball to novice outfielder Adam Jones. Jeter has become a full-fledged defensive liability at shortstop. He has no range and now has a case of the Knobloch's as his throws continue to take Giambi on magic carpet rides. Molina is doing a G-d awful job of replacing Jorge. Yea, he has a great arm. Who really gives a shit. He can't hit and worst of all he calls a horrendous game. How can you possibly call an 0-2 high fastball from a pitcher whose fastball can't break a pane of glass and to a young hitter who can only hit fastballs!!??? Okay that's all for my Yankee rant
Now the draft lottery. It is funny and scary the things sports makes us do. At about 8:05, mere minutes before my disgrace of an NBA team was awaiting its fate, I decided to cross both my fingers. I left them crossed for a good 10 minutes, while working out on a Stair Master mind you, and even sent a text or two with my fingers crossed. Well x that idea. The sixth pick!!!??? Are you kidding me!!! How do the Knicks continuously get screwed over like this. Okay, it is mostly the fault of the incompetent morons who have run this team up until Donnie Walsh signed on a few weeks ago but still. I guess we can take solace that this draft doesn't seem to feature any Lebrons , Odens or Durants. I guess us Knicks fans will continue to wait for that one great moment that makes us believe that this could someday turn around. Don't hold your breath. Just as I had calmed myself down and stopped cursing to no one in particular, despite being surrounded by 2 hot girls on ellipticals next to me, I see that the piece of crap Bulls had just secured the #1 overall pick. How can the Bulls, with a 2% chance of winning the lottery. That is 2 years in a row now that a team with a less than 5% chance of winning the lottery actually secures the #1 overall pick. That doesn't seem right to me. Oh yea, I still despise the Bulls for their 6 titles; most of which came at the expense of Patrick's Knicks. So, in case you are scoring at home and I'm sure you aren't, by about 820, in a short 80 minutes time, the night went from one of great hope and excitement to one that simply reminds me that Superbowl 42 is but a distant memory.

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