Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hockey Playoff Round 3 Thoughts

I will be posting my Stanley Cup preview tomorrow, but I wanted to get out some thoughts I had from the conference finals.

The Red Wings didn’t choke, and it’s all Devo’s fault
When I did my “Douchebags of Hockey” article, this is the comment Devo left: “The entire Red Wing team should be considered Douchebags. They get 115 points every year and then massively choke in the first or second round.”
Way to go Devo, your comment put them in the Stanley Cup finals. Because of you Chelios may win the cup again. I hope you’re happy with yourself.

Dallas keeps giving you a reason to hate them
I don’t just mean the Stars, I mean all the teams in that city. They can never do the right thing. You want them to lose, they win. You want them to win just once and they choke in a spectacular fashion. The Stars did just that, allowing Chris Chelios yet another chance to win the cup by letting the Red Wings roll over them. Though the series was 4-2, it wasn't as close as it suggested.

Vengeance Now
For those that don’t know, this is the playoff slogan of the Philadelphia Flyers. NOt only is it not particularly fitting for a playoff theme, but in a sad way teh fans fully embraced it. But more importantly it leads to the question: who are you getting vengeance on? No one really knows because Philly has convincingly choked its own way out of every championship the last twenty five years in every sport. I think the Pittsburgh Post Gazette summed it up pretty good with this picture.

Are the Penguins really that good?
I honestly can’t believe this team hasn’t laid a massive egg yet. I mean they’re coached by Michel Therrien and boast a defense that has Robert “Suckderi” Scuderi and Ryan Whitney whose new line of skirts is being designed by no other than Vogue intern Sean Avery this summer. Yet here they are in the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1992 trying to bring the third one to Pittsburgh. It just doesn’t seem right, but maybe they really are that good.

And because I like the picture

And because I can say it also: fishsticks

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devo said...

If I had to choose between
a) being right and ruining the NHL or b) being wrong and allowing for a good Stanley Cup Playoffs, I'd choose a) every time.