Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brooklyn Hillbilly (5-3) Presents "The Better Late Than Never Week 5 Picks", Part II

No, Im just here to get sacked.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars(-5.5, 37)
When one thinks of the storied history of the Pittsburgh Steelers rushing attack, the name Mewelde Moore doesn't seem to fit in. Neither does Najeh Davenport for that matter. But that's who will be toting the rock for the Steelers tonight against the Jags. With the state of the offensive line and the man calling plays being a borderline retard, I'm not feeling too hot about this game. Frankly, the Steelers only hope is to start the game running a no-huddle, throw the Jags off base and hope to score some early points off screen passes and liberal use of dumpouts to Moore. Ben can throw his way to a victory and the defense has the ability to bottle up this Jags offense, even with 3 D-lineman out. But this might be a hurdle that just cant be overcome.

Not that I think the Jags are that great. Frankly, they are overrated even when no one likes them. Their D is soft, unlike years past, and Maurice Jones-Drew just doesn't seem as scary anymore. I think a healthy Steelers team takes it to Jacksonville and pulls the upset on the road. HOWEVER, with little to no chance of being able to use the run as anything other than a distraction, an obviously hurting QB who will get the shit blitzed out of him and an offensive coordinator who cant wrap his head around the concept of "adjustment", Pittsburgh looks like an easy target for any halfway decent defensive gameplan. I think the Jags take care of business and win a tough one, allowing the Steelers to limp into a much needed bye week. Jags squeak by 20-17.

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