Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Friday Post cuz i'm the only asshole in america still at work...

305-315 million people live in America.

Give every citizen $1 million.

That's $315 million.
That beats the $700 billion being handed to banks.

A stipulation of the $1 million is that you would have to pay off
any outstanding debts you may have.

And if you're $1 million in debt right now, shoot yourself.

Anyway, the leftover money after paying off debts would be infused back into the economy.

People buying up stupid shit.

Some people may quit their jobs after they are given $1 million.

No one will be around to build the stupid shit for us to buy.

But this whole plan would never work.

This entire country is built on people living in debt.

People buying shit they don't need with money they don't have is the American Dream,
so said George Carlin.

This plan may not make any sense at all.
But $1 million will be solid.



The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

uhh, i think your math is a little off

300mil ppl x $1M= $300 trillion

Mahatma said...

i'm glad someone got that.

Way to be ahead of the curve BH.

SHMUCK said...

I vote mahatma for president