Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week 6 prognostication by The Brooklyn Hillbilly(6-4)

Broncos kick it old school.

Jacksonville at Denver(-3.5, 48)
First off, I have to say last weeks Jags-Steelers game was awesome. I'm sure for Jags fans it sucked, but just getting the opportunity to see Ben Roethlisberger put on a display like that should make them at least appreciative. No, probably not but whatever, my team won, suck it. Needless to say, those were not the same Jags that pantsed the Steelers twice last year. This team has only had 2 acceptable rushing performances this year, and they were A)in both wins, B)vs Indy(29 vs run) and Houston(21). Luckily for Coach Del Rio, Denver is bringing a Texans/Colts type intensity on run D to the game on Sunday. That should allow Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor to rack up some yards. The problem is that Jacksonville is just as bad, if not worse than Denver on defense. Now, with two equally shitty defenses giving up points, the edge goes to the better offense.

Speaking of Denver...This game and next week against the Patriots should be good tests for the Broncos. Not that they are particularly great teams, but this should give the Donkeys a chance to put their defensive house in order and get ready for a long stretch of easy games. I don't know if they can do that, but they can certainly outscore both the Jags and the Pats. That may be enough to position this team for a great, exciting run at the playoffs and a second round exit. In the meantime, I think they throw all over the Jags while taking punishment of their own. I wish I could say "Its gonna be an awesome game!", but more than likely its gonna be one of those shootouts that's almost painful to watch as the teams trade 45-yd passes to receivers that are wide open due to botched coverage. That being said, I think the Broncos are built to win those types of games. Jay Cutler gunslings to victory, 34-30.

Dan Snyder, Theton-free since meeting Tom Cruise.

St. Louis at Washington(-13.5, 44)

The Rams suck. No, they really fucking suck. Worse than you think. They currently have a -104 point differential(-26/g). Adding to that, the Rams are: 32nd in total offense(28th passing, 30th rushing), 32nd in total defense, 16th in pass D(good job!), 26th in run D and have a -3 turnover differential. I never played organized football, but from what I understand, you wont win many games with those kinds of stats. They have been blown out in every game. Now, the statistician in you may be saying, wow, there is no way in hell these guys have a chance to beat the Redskins. I just spent 30m trying to find something with which I can refute that statement. I cant. The Rams are gonna get killed Sunday.

They are going up against a rolling team that is showing itself to be one of the toughest teams in the league. The Skins are beginning a stretch of some real softee games, St. Louis this week, then Cleveland, then Detroit. Theres no reason Washington shouldn't be 7-1 going into Week 9's matchup at home against Pittsburgh. One thing the Skins do right, which all successful teams do right, is to limit turnovers. ONE turnover on the year so far. Oh, and every division game they have left is at home, that might be a benefit. Watch out Giants fans, Washington continues to gain steam this week, 38-10.


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