Thursday, October 9, 2008



Why do I have a funny feeling that Ocho Cinco is going to shine this weekend? And it only seems fitting that it has to be against the Jets. The Bengals have big issues on both sides of the ball. Their offensive line can’t protect or open up any holes for the running game and the lack of protection has also led to the poor numbers in their passing game. They need a bye week badly but even that won’t save their season. This will most likely be Marvin Lewis’ last because he has lost control of this team.

The Jets need to play their game. I’m not even sure what game that is. They need to keep the Bengals defense on the field and churn minutes off the clock. They also have to bring a consistent pass rush which has been non-existent for most of the season (wake up Vernon Ghoulston that means you!). Jericho Cotchery should have no problem finding holes in their secondary. A little less Thomas Jones and a little more Leon Washington should also be one of their strategies as the Bengals don’t have lots of speed on defense.

The Jets should be extremely worried playing against the Bengals this week. Cincinnati is winless so far this season and is itching for a victory. Normally in these situations, Jet teams from the past would have faltered, but I’m hoping the bye week has them healthy, rested, and more in sync on offense.

Jets 31, Bengals 20


Carolina is always considered the favorite to win the South division and also represent the NFC in the superbowl. Well now finally they’re starting to play like it. Jake Delhomme is back after Tommy John surgery and is heading them in the right direction. Jonathan Stewart hasn’t been extremely productive but has shown flashes of a franchise running back for the Panthers in the future.

Tampa Bay has a lot of injuries on offense. Most importantly is the quarterback position. Brian Griese is most likely not playing this week which means Jeff Garcia would get the start (paging Mr. Plummer?). Joey Galloway has been sidelined with an ankle injury and opposing defense are playing 8 in the box stuffing the run game because so. Once he gets back to full health he is still a quality #1 wide receiver that can spread the field with his speed. Even with age their defense always seems to get better and keep them in ball games.

This game is going to be a defensive battle and really close. But I think Carolina gets the edge because they’re healthier and coming off a win. Tampa had a tough loss against a good Denver team so they will be looking for retribution at home. But they’re just too overmatched
Carolina 17, Tampa 13

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