Thursday, October 9, 2008

Devo's Picks (5-5)

Dallas (-4.5) over ARIZONA

Everyone keeps talking about Dallas like they're an 8-8 team. Not to be confused with the same 'everyone' who thought they'd be a threat to go 19-0 a few weeks ago. Dallas may not be playing better than the Giants right now, but they have more talent, certainly on the offense side of the ball. Who will win when the Giants and Dallas play? I don't know. But if both of these teams bring their "A" game, then I'm going to side with Dallas. Eli is great, but Romo throws for a LOT of touchdowns, and Barber can be a royal pain in the ass to bring down when he has a full head of steam. Oh, and T.O.? Yeah, he can play. And to everyone who is religiously offended that Dallas barely beat Cincy last week, remember that the Giants needed OT to beat Cincy a few weeks before. Dallas finds their A game this week.
Dallas wins, 34-10

Chicago (-3) over ATLANTA

Two things that the football gods (or at least me) hate:
1. Teams that repeatedly make a point in forsaking the quarterback position in favor of every other spot on the team.
2. Rookie quarterbacks having a huge amount of success.

Looks like we have a battle of teams who are in the process of really pissing off the football gods. And if the football gods aren't pissed, well I still am. That said, the difference in this game will be the fact that Chicago's defense will turn Matt Ryan's mistakes into a defensive touchdown, while Atlanta will turn Kyle Orton's mistakes into 3-and-outs.

Chicago wins, 16-10.

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