Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mahatma's Picks (7-3)

Ray Lewis getting ready for his eventual prison sentence.

Baltimore Ravens (+4) @ Indianapolis Colts

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the league's suprises. Pick for dead with a rookie QB, the defense has stayed healthy and it's allowed for the whole team to benefit. From having to score 20 points a game to win or having to score 10 points a game is quite the difference and the Ravens have used that to some success. Of course playing worthless Cleveland and Cincinnati also helps.

The Colts are a team that is in trouble but has dug their way out of the grave. Injuries of hit them but they've battled through them and come back in two games to be 2-2. Scoring 17 points in the final 4 minutes is impressive and perhaps maybe the light has come back on on the Indy offense. They might be able to now look like a team many people predicted to win the AFC South. Or they might be exposed as the team that still can't stop the run. I'm expect this to be a lot closer but the Colts struggle with teams that beat em up. The Ravens can do that but I don't Flacco has it in him to make the necessary plays without collapsing on the road. I still see a close game with Manning having that Gosh darnit Look on his face for a half before finally waking up in the 2nd half.

Indianapolis - 23
Baltimore - 17

New England Patriots (+5.5) @ San Diego Chargers

Something about this game doesn't feel right like the odds for example. San Diego has played like utter filth outside of a Monday nighter with the Jets. Why are they favored here? Tomlinson is still hurt as is Gates and their defense is getting exposed. Sure the media will proclaim this is without the "GREAT PASS RUSHING GOD" aka Roidboy -- is hurt. Bullshit. It's not the main reason. The main reason is that Jamal Williams is no longer a dominant nose tackle in the league, Shaun Phillips has extra attention rushing the passer and the secondary is still awful despite "pro bowl" Antonio Cromartie.

The Pats, on the other hand, got back off the shnide against the 49ers. ESPN is jerking off to the 66 yard td bomb from Cassell to Moss but really that's a throw an NFL QB should make and especially someone who backed up the Great Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart! Regardless, they are still a solid team and still should be the top dogs to emerge out of the AFC East. Despite not having some of the prettiest wins around, they still are 3-1.

This was supposed to be one of the AFC championship preview games before the season but a lot of that luster has dimmed with San Diego imploding and No Tawm Brady but this is still a good measure to see if both of these teams should be considered for the AFC elite.

The Pats hanging out in California

I don't know if this game will necessarily make me skip watching Dexter but this should be a war with the Chargers having their season on the brink already..

New England - 28
San Diego - 27

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