Friday, October 31, 2008

Mahatma's Picks (13-4)

Some of us know how to pick em. Thankfully, it’s something important like SUS football! As opposed to something else like… girls!

Baltimore Ravens (+1) @ Cleveland Browns

Why pick this shitty game? Well because Baltimore is lame and we’ve run out of things to say on the Fredo picks. Cleveland has turned it on since they beat Giants and are inching their way to respectability finally. Baltimore is somehow 4-3 with a rookie QB and even unveiled a Troy Smith/Joe Flacco backfield. Its shocking that old “Offensive Genius” Brian BiLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLick didn’t think of such an option with the great Kyle Bller last year but alas that’s why he is now announcing games and not coaching. Baltimore sucks and Cleveland is worse but is not as sucky as they were before. The hype coming out of this game is sickening because apparently the Ravens have an offense now. Look I know it’s tough to beat Oakland at home but someone’s got to do it. The same horseshit that confused Jamarcus Russell won’t work here as well with seasoned pro (?) like Derek Anderson whose seen this multiple times. Cleveland also has seen Baltimore already, is getting healthier and based on this bs hype the Ravens are getting now, it wouldn't shock me if the Browns come out with a win.

Cleveland – 21
Baltimore- 16

Green Bay Packers (+5) @ Tennessee Titans

So the Titans are now the team to beat. Uh Oh. They are so menacing with those flaming thumb tacks on their helmets. Look they are a dangerous team but a team with only Chris Johnson on offense can be limited. The Titans are the only offense in the league that’s centered around their tight ends for pete’s sake. The defense though is very good and can flummox even the best offenses which shockingly Green Bay has. The Packers can light you up in the air and are still armed with 4 quality receivers that can test a Titan secondary that isn’t exactly elite to me. The thing about the Titans is that the game will be close. Unless Chris Johnson breaks one, they won’t score quickly. Something tells me Green Bay hangs around. Hell maybe Ryan Grant shows up finally too. Green Bay’s off the bye and Tennessee is playing on a short week. Fuck it, upset special.

Green Bay – 24
Tennessee - 17

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