Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon Bullshitting w/ Mahatma

So I'm bored and at work. That's a good thing though because I did a lot last week and yesterday and need to have a Me-Day (not to be confused with Who Dey). Here's some crap that has kept me occupied during this slow period.


Pretty crazy stuff: "The FARC holds an estimated 750 hostages in Colombia. Its members have justified hostage taking as a legitimate military tactic."

Being that this city is currently getting rained on hardcore I noticed something today. People really need to get a license to operate umbrellas.

For those not aware, Britain has decided to go ahead with a somewhat controversial idea of teaching sex ed to kindergarten aged students due to the high teen and preteen pregnancy rates in their country.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is a lot closer than you think.

Here's another fun little thing I found on a messageboard:

Basically there are three steps:

1. Click on
here, the article name will be your band's name.

2. Click on
here, the last four words of the last quote will be your album's name.

3. Click on
here, the picture on the right at the top row will be your album's cover.

Yes I'm quite bored and have no interest in talking football at the moment.

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